Delivery policy

Delivery policy

Delivery policy

Details Delivery policy of

Delivery range

Currently, our supports same-day delivery in Ho Chi Minh City, and other provinces, delivery and delivery times are determined by shipping units such as Viettelpost, Vnpost. ..

Delivery time

  • For orders delivered in Ho Chi Minh, the delivery and delivery time will be from 01 - 03 working days for products according to standard sizes, and from 03-07 working days according to customer sizes. request.
  • For customers in other provinces, the estimated time of delivery and delivery is from 3 to 12 days from the time you place the order and is accurately determined through a delivery unit such as Viettelpost, VNpost...

Note: Delivery time begins after your order is successfully confirmed by a call from our customer service staff.

Delivery charges

  • For orders delivered in Ho Chi Minh with orders under 10 million, you will bear the shipping fee and the fee will be shown in the order section, orders over 10 million will be free shipping.
  • As for orders in the remaining provinces, the delivery fee is determined through Viettelpost, Vnpost... The fee will be calculated and displayed when you place an order at the payment step.

Cancel order

  • Your order will be canceled if after 03 times the delivery staff or customer service staff contact you.
  • If you have received an order but do not agree to receive the product for some reason, then you will be the one to pay the shipping fee directly to the forwarder.
  • If your order has been packed and has not yet been dispatched, you have the right to cancel your order at no additional cost.